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Stephanie D Hauck says:

I like Credit karma but I am frustrated with one thing. The Offers on loans and credit cards. Some of them are so high, sometimes almost as 40% interest. Why would CK recommend loans and cards like that. Secondly, my credit scores just plummend 50 points for no reason with both Equifax and Transunion. I went over and over my page and can’t find anything….so, right now I am pretty frustrated 😔.

Ana Fuller says:

Everything I have read on this site is very informative and useful. There is only one thing that I would change. I have had a Credit One credit card and it was a mistake. They charge a $99 annual fee and they have a lot of other fees. Their customer service is bad too. I wouldn’t recommend this card to anyone.

Gopinath says:


Oscar Simpson says:

You are doing your readers a major disservice by recommending USAA Insurance. Do a better (much better) job of vetting the auto insurance companies you recommend. USAA has taken a 180 degree swing AWAY FROM taking great care of their policyholders (and claimants against USAA drivers). They, like Allstate and State Farm, employed McKinsey & Co. to help them be more profitable. McKinsey’s recommendation: Just offer your policyholders $0.70 on the dollar for legitimate claims and deny as many other valid claims you can get away with….including a valid $1mm life insurance claim by a widow of a retired military officer who paid premiums for 30-40 years.

There’s plenty of factual information by legitimate sources online about USAA and McKinsey and Co.

Chi Ibeji says:

hello I am a beginner and i just want to know in investing how would you know how would you know when the stock market is going bad and when can you move the money that you have invested in?

Doug Smith says:

i was wondering what is your thoughts on “CBD” investing?

alec chesters says:

I live in Australia, and would like to know if you can do p/loans or mortgages here?

Donna says:

I’m about to file for spousal benefits from social security. Who should I contact to help me with social security to know I’m getting the best information of what I’m entitled.


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