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Learn more about MoneySchool and Advanced Money School here - two courses (one beginner with the fundamentals and one advanced) pushing you ahead to learn and master personal finance.

It’s what everyone is thinking about, so you are not alone.

The what, of course, is money.

Dive in with me to learn more about two courses I’ve designed here at Money Under 30: MoneySchool and Advanced Money School.

You’ve got everything to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose.

And if you ask me, the time is now to get started.


All around you, everyday people are quietly becoming millionaires. And no, they’re not trust-fund kids or winners of the Silicon Valley stock option lottery.

They’re following the surprisingly simple practices I outline in MoneySchool, the free 7-day email course on mastering your money you’ll get as soon as you subscribe.

Why should you subscribe?

If you feel like you need to learn the basics of money management, including understanding why most budgets don’t work, prioritizing your spending, making saving automatic, building good credit, and good money habits to transform your life to take a big step toward learning about your finances, MoneySchool is for you.

What you will learn

In MoneySchool, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your finances in a way that makes it impossible not to save
  • Identify ways you’re wasting hundreds of dollars a month, and what to do about it
  • Design your life so you can spend money on things you love — without the guilt
  • Eliminate fears and doubts that hold you back from reaching your true earning potential

And of course, you’ll get some tips on managing your money and beginning to invest as well, along with:

  • Your Money Checklist
    Find out how you’re doing financially with this comprehensive checklist covering everything from investing to insurance.
  • Richer By The Week
    A workbook with five days of exercises to help you uncover your true values and set the right financial goals.
  • The Simple Spending Plan
    Budgets suck. Forget about tracking every penny, put your money on auto-pilot, and use this really simple spending plan to get you on the right track.

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Advanced Money School

Are you ready to take your knowledge of money and wealth-building to the next level? Are you ready to see your personal finances through an entirely new lens and approach money with the mindset shared by wealthy individuals?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are ready for Advanced Money School, our free 9-day email course designed to help you level up your understanding of personal finance.

Why should you subscribe?

Do you have the basics” of money covered? Is your debt more or less under control? Do you have some emergency savings? Are you already saving for retirement?

If so, Advanced Money School will teach you how to go beyond saving and begin building wealth. This course will help you become as financially savvy as possible. You’ll learn next-level planning techniques so you can position yourself to never have to worry about money again. You’ll also learn the principles that can allow you to become financially independent before “traditional” retirement age.  If you’re ready for all of this, and more, Advanced Money School is for you.

What you will learn

In Advanced Money School, you will learn how to:

  • transform yourself from a saver into a wealth-builder
  • design a personalized Wealth Map that can guide your financial decisions for the rest of your life
  • use advanced asset allocation techniques to become a confident DIY investor and design a worry-free portfolio for all market conditions
  • Master the fundamentals of choosing investments—from individual stocks to index funds to alternatives
  • get started with real estate investing to unlock a strong cash flow
  • become financially independent – avoiding the 3 most common mistakes people make when trying to achieve “FIRE”

And you’ll get worksheets I’ve created specifically for Advanced Money School – on Net Worth, Budgeting, Your Risk Tolerance and Suggested Asset Allocation, Investment Style, Business Idea Brainstorming, Real Estate, Insurance, and Financial Independence – all to help you put the principles in each lesson to work in your own finances.

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Natalie says:

Hi, Where can I find the link to subscribe to the MoneySchool?

Micah Murray says:

Hi Natalie!

You can subscribe by following this link: /enroll-in-money-school/


Micah Murray

Tyron says:

Man your a life saver thanks a lot I really appreciate you my life has change in 2 weeks I got a raise I got two saving accounts I refinanced my car and went from 18.2 ap to 3.2 and I been writing down what I spent and keeping tabs on my money and got a budget I set up the credit union account to take 50 from each pay wow you changed my life really thanks a lot may god bless you in many ways

Yosh says:

I really loved the nine lessons of Money Under 30’s Advanced Money School!!

Even though I’m older than 30, I wished I had learned all of this 20 years ago! So many concepts that I was afraid of were broken down into very digestible segments with links to learn more. I love this format and would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to take more control over their finances.


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