How Much Can You Earn With Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa Cash Back Card
Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® With Cash Back Rewards issues one point for every dollar, but you also get double points and bonus rewards for special categories. Here's how much you can earn.
Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards has the flexibility necessary to work with a wide range of credit scores. You’ll complete an application for preapproval and receive a quote based on your own credit score. You can earn rewards points up to 5% cash back in limited categories, as well as bonus points for buying from Credit One’s partners.

If you’re interested in strengthening your credit score while spending and earning cash back, Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards is a great option. You can qualify even if your credit isn’t stellar and access rewards that match your creditworthiness. With access to your credit score through your account, you’ll be able to watch your score improve as you pay your bill on time each month.

Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards key facts

Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards

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In A Nutshell

Designed for consumers with modest credit histories, The Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards offers 1% cash rewards on eligible purchases, zero fraud liability and no annual fee. Terms Apply.

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Credit score requirements: Credit Score requirements are based on Money Under 30’s own research of approval rates; meeting the minimum score will give you the best chance to be approved for the credit card of your choice. If you don’t know your credit score, use our free credit score estimator tool to get a better idea of which cards you’ll qualify for.
Poor 500-599
Fair 600-699
Good 700-749
Excellent 750-850

What we like:

  • 1% cash back on all eligible purchases

  • No annual fee. Terms Apply

  • No security deposit required; and your credit score is not affected when you pre-qualify

  • See if you Pre-Qualify in less than 60 seconds–without affecting your credit score. It's fast, easy, and secure.
  • Get 1% cash back rewards on eligible purchases including gas, groceries, and services such as mobile phone, internet, cable and satellite TV. Terms apply.
  • This is a fully functional, unsecured credit card–not a debit card, prepaid card, or secured credit card with deposit requirements.
  • Credit One Bank evaluates every account for credit line increase opportunities. We'll let you know as soon as you're eligible for a higher credit line.
  • Take advantage of free online access to your Experian credit score and credit report summary so you can track the key factors impacting your credit health. Terms apply.
  • Zero Fraud Liability protects you if your card is ever lost or stolen. Rest easy knowing you won't be held responsible for unized charges.
  • Access your account easily from your computer, smartphone, or tablet at or the Credit One Bank Mobile App. You can make payments, see recent transactions, and update your account preferences all at the click of a button.
  • Carry a card that makes you smile by choosing from over 20 unique card designs in Credit One Bank's card gallery. A fee may apply.
Annual Fee
$0 - $99
Regular APR
17.99% to 23.99% Variable
Intro APR
Intro APR Purchases N/A , 0 months
Intro APR Balance Transfers N/A , 0 months

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  • 1%-5% cash back rewards: Rewards depend on your creditworthiness but you can receive up to 5% cash back on purchase in certain categories.
  • Bonus rewards: Earn extra points by purchasing from certain Credit One Bank merchants.
  • Free credit score: Access your Experian credit score and report summary through your online account.
  • Regular credit line increases: Your account will be reviewed regularly for credit line increase eligibility.
  • Varying annual fee: Annual fee varies between $0 - $99.
  • APR: 17.99% to 23.99% Variable.
  • Zero fraud liability: You won’t be responsible for unized charges.

How much can I earn in rewards?

Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards offers multiple reward tiers, depending on your own creditworthiness. Credit One will let you know which reward program you qualify for after reviewing your application.

At minimum, you’ll qualify for 1% on purchases in select categories. Typically, these categories include gas, groceries, and utilities.

The below table assumes you spend $2,000 in these categories and qualify for the minimum 1% cash back, although you could qualify for as much as 5% back, depending on your credit history.

 Earnings after one yearEarnings after subsequent years
Annual fee$0 - $99$0 - $99
Sign-up bonus$0$0
Rewards earnings$240$240
Bonus earningsBonus points for buying from select merchantsBonus points for buying from select merchants

Calculating Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa®’s rewards is complicated. You won’t know exactly what rewards you’ll get until you complete your application. Some will qualify for 1% cash back while others will qualify for 5% cash back. But you can assume you’ll at least earn 1% on every dollar you spend on gas, utilities, and groceries.

Spend $2,000 a month in those categories and you’ll get $20 cash back, which comes out to $240 a year. You can add to those rewards by purchasing from a select group of partner merchants.

Other considerations

Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards is a great option if you’re trying to boost your credit. Everything is based on your own credit history, so those with lower scores likely won’t get 5% cash back and will pay a slightly higher fee than those with excellent credit. But it’s worth it to start strengthening your credit score. 

One way theCredit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards can help you improve your credit is that it lets you monitor your Experian score. You’ll also see a summary of your report. As you spend and pay your balance, Credit One will eventually consider increasing your credit, which can also help you out.

That said, the annual fee is $0 - $99. Your rewards are also limited to a small group of categories, and most fall in the 1% range. As your credit improves, it may be worth shopping around for other options, but this is a great card to get you to that point.


With the Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® with Cash Back Rewards, you get cash back on spending in some of the most popular categories. Credit One has a variety of cards designed for those with a variety of credit scores, so it’s worth determining what you can get.

The annual fee and limited rewards offerings make it worth comparing what you’re quoted to what other credit cards have to offer. Depending on your own credit score, you may find you get a better offer elsewhere.

Disclaimer: Money Under 30 makes every effort to maintain accurate information. Opinions expressed are the ’s alone and have not been approved or endorsed by the credit card issuer.

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